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This page presents a database with key resources in the foresight world that indicate the diversity of themes, timescales, perspectives, and regional cover. This resource database includes large-scale studies, reports, and academic articles.

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Featured Approaches & Methods

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Title Year Author Institution Summary
Foresight Manual Empowered Futures for the 2030 Agenda 2018 UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence
Scenario Planning: Guidance Note 2009 Government Office for Science UK
Strategic Foresight for Better Policies: Building Effective Governance in the Face of Uncertain Futures 2019 OCDE
Scoping Foresight Work A Guide To Getting Started With Foresight 2022 Future Today Institute
Ecosystems and Human Wellbeing: A Manual for Assessment Practitioners 2010 United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Building Better Futures Toolkit WCWA, CGGC
A Brief Guide to Futures Thinking and Foresight 2021 Government Office for Science UK
Strategic planning and foresight 2021 United Nations Committee of Experts on Public Administration
Three horizons: a pathways practice for transformation Bill Sharpe, Anthony Hodgson, Graham Leicester, Andrew Lyon, Ioan Fazey
The multi-level perspective on sustainability transitions: Responses to seven criticisms Frank W. Geels
Futures Intelligence: How to Turn Foresight into Action 2021 Edited Tuomo Kuosa, Max Stucki
Linking scenarios across geographical scales in international environmental assessments Monika B. Zurek, Thomas Henrichs
The Water of Systems Change 2018 John Kania, Mark Kramer, Peter Senge
A new scenario framework for climate change research: the concept of shared socioeconomic pathways Brian C. O’Neill, Elmar Kriegler, Keywan Riahi, Kristie L. Ebi, Stephane Hallegatte, Timothy R. Carter, Ritu Mathur, Detlef P. van Vuuren
An Overview of Foresight Methodologies Maree Conway
Scenario Development and Foresight Analysis: Exploring Options to Inform Choices 2018 Keith Wiebe, Monika Zurek, Steven Lord, Natalia Brzezina, Gnel Gabrielyan, Jessica Libertini, Adam Loch, Resham Thapa-Parajuli, Joost Vervoort, Henk Westhoek
How to Implement Strategic Foresight (and Why) Prepared Alberto Behar, Sandile Hlatshwayo
The Futures Toolkit: Tools for Futures Thinking and Foresight across UK Government Government of Science
A generic foresight process framework 2003 Joseph Voros
Strategic Foresight Primer 2017 Angela Wilkinson
Bringing Foresight into Systems Thinking: A Three Horizons Approach 2014 Anthony Hodgson, Gerald Midgley
Building partnerships for sustainable agriculture and food security: A guide for country-led action 2016 World Economic Forum, Deloitte
A Glossary of Terms commonly used in Futures Studies 2014 GFAR, Robin Bourgeois
Testing the scenario hypothesis: An experimental comparison of scenarios and forecasts for decision support in a complex decision environment 2017 RAND, Min Gong, Robert Lempert, Andrew Parker, Lauren A. Mayer, Jordan Fischbach, Matthew Sisco, Zhimin Mao, David H. Krantz, Howard Kunreuther
Scenario techniques for energy and environmental research: An overview of recent developments to broaden the capacity to deal with complexity and uncertainty 2017 Céline Guivarch, Robert Lempert, Evelina Trutnevyte