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Observations on Young African Leaders Workshop on Foresight for Food Systems Change
Last month I had the wonderful experience of engaging with over fifty young leaders from across Africa, joined by colleagues from Bangladesh, Nepal, and Jordan. We had all gathered in Naivasha, Kenya
Date Published: December 2023
Author: Jim Woodhill
Preparing Hindu Kush Himalaya for future-fit adaptation – A brainstorming session
Over 40 participants representing 25 organizations from six countries in the region came together for a consultative workshop on ‘Foresight and scenario development for anticipatory adaptation in the Hindu Kush Himalaya’ on 19–20 September 2023...
Date Published: October 2023
Author: Amina Maharjan
UN Food Systems Summit+2 -Brief Reflections by Foresight4Food Team
The UN Food System Summit +2 StockTakingMoment is behind us. It was attended by more than 155 National Food Systems Convenors were in place and 107 countries shared their national food system transformation pathways accounts. 3300 participants, including delegations from 182 countries
Date Published: August 2023
Author: Bram Peters
Sustainable Positioning for Foresight4Food – A Stakeholders’ Perspective
Five members from the Advanced Masters International Development (AMID) Program at Radboud University collaborated to explore stakeholder perceptions on the perceived values of the Foresight4Food Initiative and the risks it faces when participating in multi-stakeholder networks.
Date Published: July 2023
Author: Zoë Barois
Foresight community energized amid food system turbulence
Some interesting reflections on the Third Global Foresight4Food Workshop in Montpellier 2023. Amid the turbulence created by strikes in France, a diverse and committed group of people still managed to get to and from the Third Global Foresight4Food Workshop in Montpellier from 7-9 March.
Date Published: March 2023
Author: Bram Peters
Four Betters or for Worse?
FAO published the ‘The Future of Food and Agriculture – Drivers and triggers for transformation’ report. The key triggers and drivers for transformation are identified based on a diverse and wide range of literature and expert knowledge and then applied to four scenarios to achieve the FAO goal of ‘Four Betters’: better production, better nutrition, better environment and better life.
Date Published: January 2023
Author: Bram Peters
Foresight4Food CFS 50 Side Event - Building Resilience and Fostering Adaptation to Protect Against Future Crises
In October 2022, Foresight4food hosted a CFS side event on “Foresight and Future Scenarios for Food Systems Transformation – Building Resilience and Fostering Adaptation to Protect Against Future Crises”.
Date Published: November 2022
Author: Arfa Mirza
The Importance of Foresight For Food Systems Change
A rapid transformation of food systems is necessary to end poverty and hunger, protect the environment, improve rural livelihoods, and ensure resilience to future shocks. Such transformative change requires a long-term perspective and understanding of the risks and opportunities in different possible food system futures – the purpose of foresight.
Date Published: September 2022
Author: Jim Woodhill