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Foresight4Food provides a mechanism for better analysis and synthesis of key trends and possible futures in global food systems to support more informed and strategic dialogue between the private sector, government, science and civil society.

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Capacity building workshop on the orientation of foresight process for food system transformation in Kenya
Nairobi, June 2023 - Under the FoSTr Programme, Foresight4Food organized a highly engaging two-day workshop that brought together key stakeholders...
A roundtable in Oxford with development practitioners working on systematic change
How can systems thinking and practice be embedded better in the work of global development organizations? This question prompted the Oxford Round Table on Systemic Change, with organizers connecting
Workshop in Kenya to Explore the Future of Youth in Africa’s Agri-food Systems
A highly engaging series of workshops and discussion sessions held in Mombasa to gain critical insights and perspectives on the potential opportunities and risks for dignified and fulfilling work for youth...

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UN Food Systems Summit+2 -Brief Reflections by Foresight4Food Team
The UN Food System Summit +2 StockTakingMoment is behind us. It was attended by more than 155 National Food Systems Convenors were in place and 107 countries shared their national food system transformation pathways accounts. 3300 participants, including delegations from 182 countries
Sustainable Positioning for Foresight4Food – A Stakeholders’ Perspective
Five members from the Advanced Masters International Development (AMID) Program at Radboud University collaborated to explore stakeholder perceptions on the perceived values of the Foresight4Food Initiative and the risks it faces when participating in multi-stakeholder networks.
Foresight community energized amid food system turbulence
Some interesting reflections on the Third Global Foresight4Food Workshop in Montpellier 2023. Amid the turbulence created by strikes in France, a diverse and committed group of people still managed to get to and from the Third Global Foresight4Food Workshop in Montpellier from 7-9 March.

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