The Foresight Community

The richness and diversity in the foresight community has been demonstrated in the Foresight4Food International Workshops of 2017 and 2018. The overall ambition of Foresight4Food is to engage policy makers, researchers, business and civil society in informed dialogue on the future of the global food systems. As such reaching out to and engaging with a wider range of stakeholders working on foresight is central to the project. Part of this effort involves acknowledging and recognizing the players in the existing foresight landscape, coordinating and synthesizing existing efforts, and link it with multi-stakeholder dialogue process to improve societal understanding and political decision making, without duplication. 

The diversity within the foresight community can be explored below. The image below displays some key players in the field and recognises that organizations and centers may occupy more than one arena at a time and perform complex and multi-faceted functions. 

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