Our Resources

There is a diverse landscape of organisations, institutions, and initiatives working on foresight, future-thinking, and projections within food systems. The Foresight4Food Initiative is working towards improving coordination between existing research efforts, strengthening foresight capabilities, assisting in information synthesis and science communication, and supporting better linkages between science and processes of policy dialogue and societal learning.

To these ends, Foresight4Food aims to provide an easy-access resource base for all initiatives, projects, studies, and reports that focus on foresight and food systems. This section provides access to a database of resources related to foresight and food systems, and is being continuously updated.

Food Systems Outcomes & Drivers
An overview on food systems data around food system drivers and outcomes, following the food systems model. 
Foresight Studies
A database with key resources in the foresight world that include large-scale studies, reports, and academic articles.
Foresight initiatives
This page presents an illustrative view of such recent initiatives on foresight in food systems. It is continuously being updated as new initiatives arise.
Foresight Community
Foresight4Food is a community and platform open to interested individuals and organisations. If you would like to to join the community.
Data Modeling
A summary of key models, and modelling resources used in major foresight initiatives and studies.