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The featured foresight resources give quick access to a diversity of approaches and guides being used by a range of organizations. They help to give an overview of the world of foresight. The featured works will change over time. Being presented here does not imply any endorsement of the resource or methodology by Foresight4Food or the Foresight4Food community members.

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Title Year Author Institution Summary
The Green Book - Appraisal and Evaluation in Central Government
Innovating and changing the policy-cycle: Policy-makers be prepared! 2018 Marijn Janssen, Natalie Helbig
A review of Defra's approach to building an evidence base for influencing sustainable behaviour 2013 Sara Eppel, Veronica Sharp, Lee Davies
Better by design: Rethinking interventions for better environmental regulation 2013 C. M. Taylor, S. J. T. Pollard, A. J. Angus, S. A. Rocks
Engaging environmental policy-makers with systematic reviews: challenges, solutions and lessons learned 2019 Alexandra M. Collins, Deborah Coughlin, Nicola Randall
Defra’s Evidence Investment Strategy: 2010-2013 and beyond
Foresight as a Governance Concept at the Interface between Global Challenges and Regional Innovation Potentials 2005 Knut Koschatzky
Understanding ‘anticipatory governance’ 2014 David H Guston
Anticipating climate futures in a 1.5°C era: the link between foresight and governance 2018 Joost Vervoort, Aarti Gupta
Scenarios and the art of worldmaking 2015 Joost M. Vervoort, Roy Bendor, Aisling Kelliher, Oscar Strik, Ariella E. R. Helfgott
Strengthening foresight for governance of social-ecological systems: An interdisciplinary perspective 2022 Lucas Rutting, Joost Vervoort, Heleen Mees, Peter Driessen
The anticipatory governance of sustainability transformations: Hybrid approaches and dominant perspectives 2022 Karlijn Muiderman, Monika Zurek, Joost Vervoort, Aarti Gupta, Saher Hasnain, Peter Driessen
Foresight Manual Empowered Futures for the 2030 Agenda 2018 UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence
Scenario Planning: Guidance Note 2009 Government Office for Science UK
Strategic Foresight for Better Policies: Building Effective Governance in the Face of Uncertain Futures 2019 OCDE
Scoping Foresight Work A Guide To Getting Started With Foresight 2022 Future Today Institute
Ecosystems and Human Wellbeing: A Manual for Assessment Practitioners 2010 United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Building Better Futures Toolkit WCWA, CGGC
A Brief Guide to Futures Thinking and Foresight 2021 Government Office for Science UK
Systems Thinking and Practice: A guide to concepts, principles and tools for FCDO and partners 2023 Jim Woodhill, Juliet Millican Institute of Development Studies
Strategic planning and foresight 2021 United Nations Committee of Experts on Public Administration
Three horizons: a pathways practice for transformation Bill Sharpe, Anthony Hodgson, Graham Leicester, Andrew Lyon, Ioan Fazey
The multi-level perspective on sustainability transitions: Responses to seven criticisms Frank W. Geels
Futures Intelligence: How to Turn Foresight into Action 2021 Edited Tuomo Kuosa, Max Stucki
Linking scenarios across geographical scales in international environmental assessments Monika B. Zurek, Thomas Henrichs
The Water of Systems Change 2018 John Kania, Mark Kramer, Peter Senge
A new scenario framework for climate change research: the concept of shared socioeconomic pathways Brian C. O’Neill, Elmar Kriegler, Keywan Riahi, Kristie L. Ebi, Stephane Hallegatte, Timothy R. Carter, Ritu Mathur, Detlef P. van Vuuren
An Overview of Foresight Methodologies Maree Conway
Scenario Development and Foresight Analysis: Exploring Options to Inform Choices 2018 Keith Wiebe, Monika Zurek, Steven Lord, Natalia Brzezina, Gnel Gabrielyan, Jessica Libertini, Adam Loch, Resham Thapa-Parajuli, Joost Vervoort, Henk Westhoek
How to Implement Strategic Foresight (and Why) Prepared Alberto Behar, Sandile Hlatshwayo
The Futures Toolkit: Tools for Futures Thinking and Foresight across UK Government Government of Science
A generic foresight process framework 2003 Joseph Voros
Strategic Foresight Primer 2017 Angela Wilkinson
Bringing Foresight into Systems Thinking: A Three Horizons Approach 2014 Anthony Hodgson, Gerald Midgley
A generic foresight process framework 2003 Joseph Voros
Pathways to Sustainable Land-Use and Food Systems. 2019 Report of the FABLE Consortium. 2019 FABLE International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)
A low-carbon and hunger-free future for Bangladesh: An ex- ante assessment of synergies and trade-offs in different transition pathways 2023 Saeed Moghayer, Monika Zurek, Maliha Muzammil, Daniel Mason-D’Croz, John Magrath, Andrzej Tabeau, Joost Mattheus Vervoort, Thom Achterbosch
A Long Food Movement: Transforming Food Systems by 2045 2021 IPES-Food, ETC Group
IIASA Annual Report 2017 2017 International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
Looking across diverse food system futures: Implications for climate change and the environment 2021 Monika Zurek, Aniek Hebinck, Odirilwe Selomane
Methods for Developing Multiscale Participatory Scenarios: Insights from Southern Africa and Europe 2007 Kasper Kok, Reinette Biggs, Monika Zurek
Global food systems: Can foresight learn from hindsight? 2019 Karen Brooks, Frank Place
Exploring Food Price Scenarios Towards 2030 with a Global Multi-Region Model 2011 Dirk Willenbockel Institute of Development Studies
Future Food Systems: For people, our planet, and prosperity 2020 Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition
Thinking about the future of food safety: A foresight report 2022 FAO FAO
The future of food and agriculture – Drivers and triggers for transformation 2022 FAO FAO
Adaptation opportunities for smallholder dairy farmers facing resource scarcity: Integrated livestock, water and land management 2019 Caroline K. Bosire, Elizaphan James Oburu Rao, Voster Muchenje, Mark Van Wijk, Joseph O. Ogutu, Mesfin M. Mekonnen, Joseph Onam Auma, Ben Lukuyu, James Hammond
The role of legumes in the sustainable intensification of African smallholder agriculture: Lessons learnt and challenges for the future 2019 B. Vanlauwe, Mariangela Hungría, F. Kanampiu, Ken E. Giller
The paradox of productivity: agricultural productivity promotes food system inefficiency 2019 Tim G. Benton, Rob Bailey