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'Future of Youth in Africa’s Agri-food Systems' Workshop Report is Out
The 'Future of Youth in Africa’s Agri-food Systems' workshop produced a number of outputs and resources including a detailed Workshop Report and Discussion Paper, a useful Data Resource and an interesting Workshop Video featuring the highlights of the event.
Date Published: November 2023
A Leaders Capacity Development Workshop in Naivasha
the 'Facilitating Foresight for Agri-Food Systems Change in Africa – A Leaders Capacity Development Workshop' held in Naivasha focused on transforming agri-food systems but was also relevant to those working on wider development issues to develop a network of leaders who can apply foresight in their own working context
Date Published: November 2023
Foresight4Food and partners to hold 'A Leaders Capacity Development Workshop in Kenya
Foresight is a key tool that stakeholders in a system can jointly use to better understand future risks and opportunities...
Date Published: November 2023
'Foresight for food systems change agenda for Bangladesh' - An engaging workshop
As a part of activities planned under Foresight for Food Systems Transformation - FoSTr programme, the Foresight4Food team organized an engaging workshop on 'A foresight for food systems change agenda for Bangladesh’.
Date Published: October 2023
'Future of Food in Kenya' - An orientation of foresight process for food system transformation in Kenya
Under the FoSTr Programme, Foresight4Food organized a highly engaging two-day workshop that brought together key stakeholders from across the Kenyan food system to tackle the country's pressing to tackle the country's pressing issue of food...
Date Published: July 2023
A roundtable in Oxford with development practitioners working on systematic change
How can systems thinking and practice be embedded better in the work of global development organizations? This question prompted the Oxford Round Table on Systemic Change, with organizers connecting through recent work with the UK FCDO
Date Published: June 2023
Workshop in Kenya to Explore the Future of Youth in Africa’s Agri-food Systems
A highly engaging series of workshops and discussion sessions held in Mombasa to gain critical insights and perspectives on the potential opportunities and risks for dignified and fulfilling work for youth...
Date Published: June 2023
Foresight4Food FoSTr held ‘The Future of Food’ workshop in Uganda
Foresight4Food under its FoSTr programme organized the workshop ‘The Future of Food: Opportunities for Foresight to Support Food System Transformation in Uganda’. The workshop brought together...
Date Published: June 2023
Foresight4Food and FARA side-event at the 8th Africa agri-business and science week
FARA and Foresight4Food participated in Africa Foresight Academy (AFA) side-event at the 8th Africa Agri-business and Science Week in Durban
Date Published: June 2023
Foresight4Food FoSTr team held an engaging workshop for food systems stakeholders in Jordan
Foresight4Food FoSTr team organized a three-day workshop for a diverse range of food systems stakeholders in Jordan. The participants of the
Date Published: May 2023
Third Global Foresight4Food Workshop Report
Foresight4Food network gathered in Montpellier for the Third Global Foresight4Food Workshop to discuss the topic of foresight for food systems transformation. The report details and captures a
Date Published: May 2023
Engaging foresight orientation and food system transformation stocktaking workshop in Bangladesh
Foresight4Food under its FoSTr programme, held an engaging and participatory foresight orientation in Mushinganj, near Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Date Published: May 2023