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Foresight4Food FoSTr team held an engaging workshop for food systems stakeholders in Jordan
Foresight4Food FoSTr team organized a three-day workshop for a diverse range of food systems stakeholders in Jordan. The participants of the workshop ranged from the private sector...
Date Published: May 2023
Third Global Foresight4Food Workshop Report
Foresight4Food network gathered in Montpellier for the Third Global Foresight4Food Workshop to discuss the topic of foresight for food systems transformation. The report details and captures a glimpse of the wealth of contributions and insights with a rich pallet of exchanges was on offer throughout the three days.
Date Published: May 2023
Engaging foresight orientation and food system transformation stocktaking workshop in Bangladesh
May 2023 – Foresight4Food under its Foresight for Food Systems Transformation (FoSTr) programme, held and engaging and participatory foresight orientation...
Date Published: May 2023
FoSTr Cross-country Virtual Learning Session
Foresight4Food held an virtual learnign session as a part of the Foresight for Food Systems Transformation (FoSTr) programme. The session was attended by policy makers, researchers, partners and food systems stakeholders from five countries Bangladesh, Jordan, Kenya, Niger and Uganda
Date Published: April 2023
Third Global Foresight4Food Workshop 2023 Successfully Conducted
On March 8 and 9, 2023, an engaging Third Global Foresight4Food Workshop was conducted by the Foresight4Food Initiative in Montpellier. The theme of the workshop...
Date Published: March 2023
Foresight4Food Webinar Series 2023 launched
Foresight4Food has launched an insightful webinar series for the students and practitioners of foresight and food system analysis. The webinars focus on practical examples and cases of use of foresight methods for food systems transformation.
Date Published: February 2023
FoSTr team visits Kenya to explore possibility of support and partnership
Between Feb 20 - 24, Foresight4Food team makes an exploratory visit to Kenya for scoping possible support from public and private institutions and seek partnership with with different stakeholders to implement the
Date Published: February 2023
Exploring possibilities of engagement and partnership in Niger
February 6 - 9, as a part of the the Foresight for Food System Transformation (FoSTr) programme, the Foresight4Food team made an exploratory visit to Niger. The purpose of the visit was to find potential facilitator for ...
Date Published: February 2023
Foresight4Food meets stakeholders and potential facilitators in Bangladesh
November 9 – 15, the Foresight4Food team engaged with different stakeholders, potential research partners in Bangladesh to explore possible synergies...
Date Published: November 2022
Successful launch of the FoSTr Programme in Jordan
On Thursday October 6th, the 'Foresight for Food Systems Transformation' (FoSTr) programme was launched in Amman, Jordan during an engaging roundtable discussion on the future of food.
Date Published: October 2022
Foresight4Food to hold a side event at Committee on World Food Security (CFS) 10 – 13 October
Foresight4food will host a session on “Foresight and Future Scenarios for Food Systems Transformation – Building Resilience and Fostering Adaptation...
Date Published: September 2022
IFAD and Oxford University sign contract for three-year food systems foresight programme
On June 17, Oxford University and IFAD signed a contract for a three-year food systems foresight programme, supporting participatory foresight...
Date Published: August 2022