'Overview of the Jordanian Food System' Report Published by FoSTr

Jordan, January 2024 – The Foresight Food System Transformation (FoSTr) programme has been working in Jordan as a support facility for food systems foresight and scenario analysis. As a part of the approach to facilitate planning for processes of food-system transition, Foreight4Food FoSTr team developed An Overview of The Jordanian Food System: Outcomes, Drivers & Activities – a comprehensive report on the Jordanian food system that can be used by a variety of stakeholders.

In Jordan, food security and food systems have had high priority on the development agenda since 2021. The Jordanian government is working to establish a Food Security Management Information System and a Food Security Dashboard. In addition, it has recently launched the ‘No Food Waste Initiative’, which aims to reduce food waste to a minimum during the upcoming decade. The objective of this report is to describe the Jordanian food system to provide evidence-based input for a participatory scenario process and for the development of an Action Plan in Jordan, led by Jordanian stakeholders, to support the development of food-system transformation in that country.

The report highlights the approach and methodology used to describe and analyze the food system, key insights into the regional context and geography of the Jordanian food system, and the chief outcomes of the Jordanian food system in terms of food and nutrition security, economic and social well-being and environmental sustainability. Moreover, the report gives an overview of the key drivers and actors of the Jordanian food system and the dynamics between various elements, focusing on example trade-offs and synergies.

The report is intended for use in discussions amongst food-system stakeholders in Jordan aimed at building on the ideas presented herein. This published version offers a snapshot of the current status as of 2023.