Multi-stakeholder dialogue and working session in Amman


20th December 2023

Amman, December 2023 – Building on initial successful engagements of Foresight For Food Systems Transformation Programme (FoSTr) in Jordan, Foresight4Food sought to further contribute to processes at the national level through a multi-stakeholder dialogue from different sectors of the Jordanian food system.

This discussion session came after the first national workshop in Amman held in May 2023 and the recently drafted Jordan Food System Transformation Roadmap by Foresight4Food. Together with Jordan food systems stakeholders, the Foresight4Food team shared initial analyses and further explored how foresight can contribute to food systems transformation and strategic decision-making processes.

The stakeholders who took part in this dialogue came from across the Jordanian food system and represented the government, private sector, researchers, and agriculture specialists. The two-day event comprised a multi-stakeholder dialogue and an in-depth working session featuring insightful presentations, interactive discussions, and active exploration of ‘critical uncertainties’ shaping the future of Jordan’s food system.

The participants of the discussion showed great interest with a common understanding of the Jordan food system, a structured process for foresight, and important stakeholder insight contribution – all providing a strong foundation to continue with our scenarios. The visit also gave the Foresight4Food team an opportunity to build and enhance relationships with research partners and stakeholders and received useful feedback and suggestions to continue working in line with the Jordan Food Systems Roadmap and the newly established Food Security Council.

There was also an engaging discussion on the first modeling outcomes on diets where data gaps were tackled, and assumptions were checked and validated, offering a great opportunity to further refine the model in the coming months. Participants also discussed and collectively analyzed critical uncertainties giving a solid basis for Foresight4Food to continue with the scenarios work.