Foresight4Food Webinar Series 2023 - E3

Episode 3 – Effectively Using Futures and Foresight

May 25 at 14.00 – 15.15 CET

Join the Foresight4Food Webinar Series 2023. The webinar series will focus on practical examples and cases of use of foresight methods for food systems transformation. The interactive webinar series will provide plenty of engagement opportunities for diverse stakeholder groups and individuals working on foresight to share their work with others in the Foresight4Food network. Themes addressed in the series revolve around: what is the value-add for using foresight approaches, how to link qualitative and quantitative foresight methods; and regional and country-level foresight use cases.  

Join us for the third episode of the Foresight4Food Webinar Series 2023 on Effectively Using Futures and Foresight, where we focus on what foresight thinking is really about and what tools are out there to practically apply this to food systems change.

We are joined by Andrew Curry, Director of Futures at the School of International Futures (SOIF), who will elaborate on the key principles, process and origins of futures thinking and what key tools work for what purpose. Jim Woodhill (F4F) will build on this to share a range of tools used in foresight for food systems as well as a reflect on a few insights emerging from our recent Montpellier workshop.

We will also present our newly revamped Foresight4Food Resource Portal, where food systems and foresight practitioners can find the latest, curated reads, methods and guides for conducting their own work towards food systems change.

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